UK Holidays and Travel Insurance

The British Isles is beautiful, there can be no doubt, from the warm summer days in cornwall, playing in the sea, to the breathtaking views that makes Scotland such a wonderful place to visit.

Many Brits never venture abroad, preferring to enjoy what their homeland has to offer.  Whether you enjoy the buzz of London nightlife, or a quiet walk in the fells There is indeed something for everyone.

You have decided to holiday in the United Kingdom, and booked a romantic hotel for two in the highlands of Scotland, to enjoy a majestic get away from todays hetic lifestyle.

Whilst you are dreaming of tranquil walks and cosying up by a roaring fire, did the thought of Insurance ever cross your mind?

Probably not. The big question of course is do you need it? We contacted a trusted website thats insurance for their advice.

This is what they had to say.

Medical Expenses Insurance

The big worry when travelling abroad is that you will have an accident or be taken ill, which of course can lead to huge medical bills, if you do not have adequate insurance. Holidaying in the UK is different, because as a citizen of the UK, you would be treated free of charge by the NHS (National Health Service) So there is no real need for medical expenses cover


Under most annual travel policies, you would be covered under this section, provided you are travelling to pre booked accommodation in the UK for a minimum of 2 nights.

Travel Delay

Any Trips within the UK are normally excluded

Loss of Documents

Loss of Documents would be covered, for example a driving licence. Although the cost to replace in this country would be much less and probably fall under any excess


This would be covered no matter what country you visited

Personal Baggage

Covered but probably better cover available under your home insurance

Personal Accident

Covered under the policy whilst holidaying in the UK

Personal Liability

Covered under the policy, but this may also be covered under a home insurance policy.

Legal Expenses

Covered under the policy, but this may also be covered under a home insurance policy.

In summary most sections of a travel insurance policy for travel in the United Kingdom are either not necessary or covered elsewhere. The only arguable area is cancellation, where you would be able to get back the cost of any pre booked accomodation. There are however companies who offer just cancellation cover and if this is of concern, then it would be worth exploring. 

As mentioned above, most Annual Travel policies will extend to cover trips to the UK, so if you intend to travel several times in a year, then an annual policy would be worth considering.

Thanks to thats insurance for their help and advice, for more information you can check out their website at