Travelling with Food Intolerances in the UK

If you suffer from food intolerances or food allergies and want to visit the UK, you can easily do so. In the past few years, things have improved greatly for people with food allergies and intolerances.

Understanding of these two medical conditions has improved greatly. As a result, the public and doctors are better educated about this type of health issue.

This has lead to firms being more aware of the fact that some people cannot eat certain foods and get ill if they do so. Many UK restaurants and food outlets are much more understanding of the needs of people with food sensitivities.


The introduction of new legislation

In fact, in 2014, new legislation was introduced to make sure that UK restaurants and catering firms clearly list all allergens that are contained in the dishes that they serve. Food manufacturers have been required to do the same for over a decade.


Eating out

However, you still need to be a little careful. If you have a serious issue with a specific ingredient always check verbally that the dishes you are ordering do not contain any of that food.

You can find general advice about eating out with food sensitivities on Unfortunately, there is no website that provides a comprehensive list of restaurants that serve allergen free foods.

Therefore, you may want to do some research before you get on the plane. Look up local restaurants in the area and check their menus. Most chain restaurants include allergen advice on their menus. This will give you a start. Parenting forums like mumsnet are also good sources of information when it comes to finding restaurants that serve foods that are nut, dairy or gluten free.

Your hotel and bed and breakfast

Most bed and breakfast owners and hotels are very accommodating. If you speak to them about any special dietary needs that you have. They will tell you in advance whether they can accommodate those needs or not.

Supermarket food


The vast majority of the big supermarket chains sell a wide range of allergen free foods. However, you will generally only see these food products available in the bigger shops. However, most small High Street stores will not sell this type of food.

There are quite a lot of small ethnic food shops in the UK. These shops sell a lot of fantastic food, but a lot of it is not labelled in English, so it can be difficult to be sure exactly what ingredients are in the food.


Travel insurance

In the UK, the national health service is very good, but you need to be a resident to access it. If you are from abroad, it makes sense to buy a good travel insurance policy that will cover you for any pre-existing conditions.

The UK is a great place to visit, and provided you do your research you can easily enjoy your holiday without running the risk of getting ill.